Sarkari Karmchari viruddh Police Fariyad ane FRI Babat Paripatra, 02-02-2016

Rajya no Sarkari Jaher Hoddo Dharavnar Sarkari Karmchario Virudh Police Fariyad Nodhva Babate ane fri ni Kamgiri Babat Gujarat Rajya Gruh vibhag no paripatra.

Circular by : Gujarat Government - Home Department
Circular Date : 02/02/2016

 Whenever a party takes any legal action in the interest of the Government, in the course of its duties, as per the powers conferred on it by the public servants who have accepted the service of the State Government, any person who has been offended by such activity, at such times against such policemen.  A complaint is lodged, and chargesheet omitted  F against when receiving a final report is submitted rajyasevako.  I.  R .  With the registration, all its information comes into the present papers, which adversely affects their morale, and depresses the image of the Government, as a result of which such state servants are indifferent to their duties, and discouraged from taking action impartially.

 The Government is committed to prevent such incidents from occurring and to find a positive solution.  In view of the above details, at the end of the adult consideration of the Government, the survey concerned is asked to carry out the following procedure in cases of lodging a police complaint against the public servants of the state.  Whenever a government bureaucrat holding a government public position takes appropriate legal action against any person and such person is contacted by the concerned police officer, the official bureaucrat.  I.  R .  When the insistence on registering (FIR) was registered, the police immediately called F.  I.  R .  Not to register (FIR), but only after thorough scrutiny of the full details of that case will the appropriate action be taken according to the law.

 Thus, whether they have committed a cognizable offense against the government bureaucracy, the public official in the state, in the primary view, f.  I.  R .  Surveys are informed that adequate testing is done before registering (FIR), and all are instructed to follow them closely. | Educational Circulars: All circulars declared by the State Government and Central Government and GR. Such as .. Educational Circulars of Primary / Secondary Education, Circulars of Government Schemes, Circulars for Government Employees, Circulars on Jobs and Law .. primary school paripatra, ccc all paripatra, Gujarat Education Department Paripatra, raja paripatra, blo paripatra, ashram shala gujarat paripatra, gujarat higher education department gr, bin kheti paripatra, Pension paripatra, 7th pay paripatra, grade pay letter...

Sarkari Karmchari viruddh Police Fariyad ane FRI Babat Paripatra, 02-02-2016

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