Class 9 to 12 students joining the YouTube series of career guidance by SSA

Subject- For the students of Std-9 to 12 in the state of Gujarat supported by UNICEF as part of the initiative of the Government of Gujarat, the entire Education Campaign and Education Department

Subject : Join the YouTube series of career guidance at home.

Letter by : ssa Gujarat

Date : 30/04/2020

 Reference: Respect.  Approval obtained on the note of SPD Shri.

 According to the above, schools are currently closed due to the Corona epidemic and lockdown and children have been discharged from school.  In view of this situation, various efforts have been made by the Education Department of the Government of Gujarat to maintain the educational work and continuity of education of the children.  Online education and e-books have been facilitated through various channels, WhatsApp and social media.  Gujarat Board's secondary and higher secondary level examinations have been completed and evaluation work is in progress.

 In a series of these efforts, in collaboration with UNICEF, Gujarat, Ma.  Under the leadership of State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, Gujarat, Samaksha Shiksha will sit at home for the students of Std-8 to 12 in the state and join the YouTube series of career guidance during this period.  .  By joining this channel, teacher friends will be able to help children choose their future careers based on their abilities, interests and hobbies.  This channel will provide information about various options / opportunities for future careers and planned benefits for them by eminent experts.  The time sheet for this is as follows.

 Live broadcast on the YouTube channel every Friday of the week - from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

 May 1, 2020 : How to get information on 550 careers?
 May 8, 2020 : What after Std-10 and 12?
 May 15, 2020 : Professional / Diploma-
 May 22, 2020 : Oriented career
 May 29, 2020 : Career options in the medical field Career options in education

 To do this, subscribe to the channel below.


 BRC, CRC so that students and teachers of Std-9 to 12 can avail the benefits of this career guidance through you.  Make arrangements to convey the details to all the schools through CO so that maximum number of students can benefit. | Educational Circulars: All circulars declared by the State Government and Central Government and GR. Such as .. Educational Circulars of Primary / Secondary Education, Circulars of Government Schemes, Circulars for Government Employees, Circulars on Jobs and Law .. primary school paripatra, ccc all paripatra, Gujarat Education Department Paripatra, raja paripatra, blo paripatra, ashram shala gujarat paripatra, gujarat higher education department gr, bin kheti paripatra, Pension paripatra, 7th pay paripatra, grade pay letter...

Class 9 to 12 students  joining the YouTube series of career guidance by SSA


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