Government schools, KGBV / Hostel before monsoon as well as for school safety vigilance

Government schools, KGBV / Hostel before monsoon as well as for school safety vigilance. Matter of making necessary preparations and taking appropriate safety measures., Tarikh 24/06/2020. Vadhu Mahiti mate Letter Juo

Subject : Government schools, KGBV / Hostel before monsoon as well as for school safety vigilance

Paripatra by : SSA Gujarat

Date : 24/06/2020

The monsoon season will soon arrive in the state. Precautionary measures need to be taken in advance to ensure that no accidents occur in the school during the monsoon season as well as to be vigilant about school safety. In order to instruct all the schools / KGBV / Hostels etc. in your district to make necessary preparations before the onset of monsoon season and to take precautionary measures for school safety in the following written instruction.

1. To clean the water spout on the roof before the monsoon and periodically in the monsoon.

2. Move old furniture or other items on the roof to the right place.

3. To remove the branches / trees on the school grounds that have fallen or are about to collapse.

4. If the electric wire is exposed or there is an earthing problem in the school, it should be repaired immediately by SMC. Install MCB / ELCB etc. as required technically.

5. During the monsoon season, the principal and teachers should not leave the headquarters without the prior approval of the Taluka Primary Education Officer.

6. Care should be taken to ensure that the school grounds or buildings are not flooded during floods.

7. To keep important school documents in a safe place within the school in case of flood potential.

8. To keep emergency kit including medicines, lanterns, torches, clean clothes, pack deficit material, first aid box etc.

9. If the rooms in the school are dilapidated, do not seat the children and take care to keep the children away from the dilapidated rooms.

10. To erect a barricade or a barricade around a dilapidated or demolisable room, toilet, septic tech, well or other physical facility in the school campus and erect a danger sign board.

11. In case of heavy rains or floods, the principal should take precaution to make the school a shelter.

12. The decision to give leave to children in case of heavy rains or floods should be taken by the principal at his discretion and arrangements should be made with the parents to ensure that the children reach home on time.

13. To check whether the school has fire safety system and whether the teachers and students have been trained to use it properly.

14. If there is underground water tech, arrange a fence around it and keep it covered so that children, public or animals do not get into an accident.

15. If the school has rainwater harvesting system, water tanks, static tanks, wells, children should not be allowed to go near it and a notice board should be put up.

16. If the school tank is left open, put a lockable lock on it and take necessary steps to prevent mosquito infestation if there is water anywhere in the field.

17. Arrange speed breakers if the main road passes outside the school and put up school sign boards on both sides of the road.

18. All precautionary measures shall be taken by the SMC as well as the monopolist at their expense and risk to ensure that the occupants of the adjoining building and the houses are not obstructed, disturbed and damaged during the construction period in the school premises.

19. All precautionary measures to ensure that no damage is done to other existing structures (structures) in the school compound during the construction period as well as to the students / teachers or other staff visiting the school. Will be at risk.

20. When construction is to be started in a working school, barricades or fencing should be erected at the construction site to make sure that children do not go and to inform the school principal as well as teachers in writing for the safety of the children.

21. Place barricades or fencing in the part of the school where work is in progress so that children do not get into accidents.
22. Keep construction materials in order. So that there is no obstacle in the way of children.

23. Installation of notice boards at the construction site. You will also inform this matter in writing to all the concerned officers / employees.

24. In case of disaster, the information along with the phone number of useful staff and persons like Talati - Minister, Doctor, Swimmer etc. should be kept on the notice board of the school and by the principal of the school.

25. In the form of pre-preparedness for a possible disaster, the principal, children and staff should be pre-prepared for how to deal with the disaster in the event of a disaster.

26. If the railing / parapet is dilapidated, it should be removed and repaired as a precautionary measure. Take appropriate action for the safety of children

27. To check the arrangements for the safety of children in the school during a hurricane situation.

28. To discuss with the principal / other staff / parents of the school etc. about the immediate arrangements to be made in the school in case of a sudden disaster like an accidental earthquake. Thank you | Educational Circulars: All circulars declared by the State Government and Central Government and GR. Such as .. Educational Circulars of Primary / Secondary Education, Circulars of Government Schemes, Circulars for Government Employees, Circulars on Jobs and Law .. primary school paripatra, ccc all paripatra, Gujarat Education Department Paripatra, raja paripatra, blo paripatra, ashram shala gujarat paripatra, gujarat higher education department gr, bin kheti paripatra, Pension paripatra, 7th pay paripatra, grade pay letter...

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