Online Courses Mate Talimarthio na Assignment Jama Karava Babat GCERT no Letter

Online Courses Mate Talimarthio na Assignment Jama Karava Babat GCERT no Letter, Je Vidhyarthio Online GCERT na Course ma Jodayela Hoy Temne Assignment Jama Karava babat Anya Suchanao Pan Aapva ma Aavel che.  Tarikh 24/06/2020. Vadhu Mahiti mate Letter Juo

Subject : Online Courses Mate Talimarthio na Assignment Jama Karava Babat

Paripatra by : GCERT - Gujarat

Date : 24/06/2020

Submission of assignments by trainees for online courses. Pursuant to the above subject, the online courses started by GCERT on the DIKSHA portal are given to the trainees for assignment at the end of the chapter or mokul. This assignment has to be prepared and submitted by the trainee. This prepared assignment is to be submitted in respect of the course following the instructions given below.

1) District Coordinator has been appointed by the District Education and Training Bhavan for that course. The District Coordinator of the course will have to open an e-mail address with the name of their course and district.

If possible, open a Gmail account so you can use Google Drive with it.

2) This email account should be reported to the trainees in your district.

3) Email address of the course in which the trainee has registered in the relevant district education and training district of the district.

4) Assessment should be done in 2 Rating Scale as per the assessment criteria given by the course director for verification of assignment, viz .; Use the 'Retry' rating scale if the assignment is done satisfactorily and if the assignment criteria do not seem appropriate. | Educational Circulars: All circulars declared by the State Government and Central Government and GR. Such as .. Educational Circulars of Primary / Secondary Education, Circulars of Government Schemes, Circulars for Government Employees, Circulars on Jobs and Law .. primary school paripatra, ccc all paripatra, Gujarat Education Department Paripatra, raja paripatra, blo paripatra, ashram shala gujarat paripatra, gujarat higher education department gr, bin kheti paripatra, Pension paripatra, 7th pay paripatra, grade pay letter...

Mukhya mantri nu Prerak Prasaran 15/06/2020 na roj Doordarshan par Nihalva babat paripatra

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