SSC Exam Certificate 2020 ni Vahechani Babat Shikshan Vibhag no Letter

SSC Exam Certificate 2020 Distribution Letter. Madhyamik Pramanpatra Parixa 2020 na Sahitya Vitaran Babat Board no Letter. Vadhu Mahiti mate Letter Juo

Subject : SSC Exam Certificate 2020 ni Vahechani Babat

Paripatra by : Gujarat Education Department

Date : 17/06/2020

 Regarding distribution of Secondary Certificate Examination March 2020 result literature.  Regarding the above subject, to inform that the result of Secondary Certificate Examination March 2020 was declared ONLINE on 09/06/2020 to the students of secondary schools of your district.

 Marks of March 2020, S.R, One / Two subject fail list of candidates and result book are sent to you from time to time.  The literature is instructed to be distributed to the schools as per the following instructions.  Considering the situation of COVID-10 in the current year for distribution of results, it is not to be distributed school wise from the district distribution center but taluka wise.  The result packets of taluka wise schools have been prepared by the board.  Also list of district wise, taluka wise schools has been sent along with this.  With this in mind, the District Education Officer will have to decide the place for distribution per taluka, deliver the required literature at the taluka level, distribute the required masks, social distance and sanitation facilities as well as the number of schools in the taluka.

 Considering the number of schools in the corporation area, distribution center has to be set up considering the S.V.S./ zone.  To inform all the concerned secondary schools of the taluka about the taluka level and corporation area school (taluka level distribution center) from your level to distribute the result as per the part provided in the taluka wise and corporation area in the district.

 Note: - In order to distribute the result all over the state at once, the result literature will be sent to you by the representative of the board at the address given by you in the districts by 20/06/2020 at the latest.

 The distribution of the result on 22/06/2020 will be arranged by the District Education Officer on Monday according to the taluka corporation area.  The school should ask the student to adjust to the present situation regarding the distribution of marks.

 1. The literature of the said result will have to be given to the representative (principal / clerk / teacher) present along with the authorization of that school only after getting the literature of their result with the signature.

 2. Make a note of the required press release at the local level to inform the schools about the distribution of results.

 .  If the list of taluka wise schools has been sent along with the result literature sent from here then the distribution of result literature is to be arranged at the taluka level with the help of EI, ASI and other staff in the present situation.

 4. File the signature of the school representative who received the result literature for the distribution of the result literature and the file of the attached authority letter to the office of the board and R.P.A.D.  Must be sent from

 5. If it has been announced to apply ONLINE for quality check from 14/06/2020 to 26/06/2020, please inform the schools under our jurisdiction.

 6. Current coviD - 19 Corona virus infection due to all the rules published by the government to keep in mind the distribution of the result literature.

 7. Note that in the present situation, the schools should not call the candidates at the same time while distributing the results to those candidates and instruct all the schools to follow all the orders issued by the Government (Mask, Social Distance).

 8. Procession by gathering students during school result, Garba or D.J.  Note that no such activity occurs.  Also talk to the news media to see if they use social distance, masks etc.

 9. Instructions have been given from 14/06/2020 for verification of marks after the result.  All instructions are to be obtained from the Board's website and instructions are given by the school principals to provide necessary guidance to the candidates regarding the process.

 10. A list of supplementary examination block building is sent with this result.  Keeping in view that 15 students will be seated in one block, updated information of block building has to be sent in day-05.

 11. Determining the zonal officer of supplementary examination and sending his acceptance letter and ancillary matter by mail. | Educational Circulars: All circulars declared by the State Government and Central Government and GR. Such as .. Educational Circulars of Primary / Secondary Education, Circulars of Government Schemes, Circulars for Government Employees, Circulars on Jobs and Law .. primary school paripatra, ccc all paripatra, Gujarat Education Department Paripatra, raja paripatra, blo paripatra, ashram shala gujarat paripatra, gujarat higher education department gr, bin kheti paripatra, Pension paripatra, 7th pay paripatra, grade pay letter...

SSC Exam Certificate 2020 ni Vahechani Babat Shikshan Vibhag no Letter

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