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About Paripatra.co

This is The Government Paripatra (Circular) website.

Here all the circulars declared by the state government and the central government have been put in place and the new circular to be declared will be placed.  Which will also be very useful for all Government employees, Private employees and ordinary people.

Here the following circular is placed ..

Government Circular for Employees
Primary school paripatra
Madhyamik school paripatra
Teachers paripatra
CCC paripatra
Uchchatar pagar dhoran paripatra
Online hajri paripatra
Ekam kasoti (unit test) paripatra
Online Marks entry paripatra
Teachers Transfer paripatra
Badli na niyamo no paripatra
Pitrutva raja paripatra
Special leave (khas raja) paripatra
HTAT paripatra
Mahekam paripatra
SSA paripatra
STP paripatra
Transportation paripatra
Shala swachchhata paripatra
Vadh ghat badli camp paripatra
Badli na niyamo no paripatra
Daftar no bhar paripatra
Paryavaran prayogshala paripatra
Gender audit paripatra
Sarkari yojanao na paripatra
Vasti ganatri paripatra

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